The Campus Counseling Center, located in the Mercy Health Center, is a facility to help students deal with problems which they may not want to discuss with family, friends or their teachers. The Center provides individual and confidential counseling and may refer students to other professionals if needed. The Center does not deal with issues related to academic advising, but with personal and emotional issues that students face in their lives.

The CCC currently offers services in the following areas:

  • Anger Management
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Familial Issues
  • Bullying and Peer Pressure
  • Grief Healing
  • Bereavement
  • Relational/Emotional Problems
  • Stress/Anxiety Management
  • Low Mood/Motivation
  • Substance Abuse
  • Smoking Cessation
  • Unsatisfactory Academic Performance
  • Effective Communication
  • Traumatic Event Management
  • Time Management
Students can drop by the CCC to collect a pre-counseling form, or download the form from this link. Faculty and staff can download a pre-counseling form at this link.You may contact CCC at or text, call or whatsapp on its official number 0331 444 15 18 from Monday to Friday, 09:00 am to 05:00 pm.

Many people when in need of help sort out their problems by talking to their friends, family members or instructors in the University. But there are times when this isn’t enough and you really need to seek help or maybe you need to talk to someone and want this to be confidential; in times like this it makes sense to see a Counselor.

This service is available for all students studying at FCC.

In general most of the issues can be dealt with for example:  coping with stress, anger management, procrastination, assertiveness, anxiety and depression, coping with exams, bereavement, and other personal issues as well.

You can approach the Counselor directly. In case the Counselor is busy or not in office you can fill the Pre-Counseling Form placed outside the University Counseling Center (UCC), put it in a sealed envelope (available along with the form outside the UCC), and hand it in at the UCC. If you are downloading the form from this web site, please make sure that you have put it in an envelope and sealed it. In case the UCC is closed you can slide the envelope under the door.

Yes, you can see the counselor right away. If the Center is closed and you have an urgent need, you may contact the Information Desk. They will help you contact the Counselor.

Yes. Whatever you discuss will remain confidential between you and the Counselor except in the following circumstances:


  • The Counselor believes you are going to harm yourself.
  • The Counselor believes that you are going to harm someone else.


Are there other ways of approaching the Counselor? Can Faculty members refer students?

Yes. An instructor or advisor can refer students to the Counseling Center. The instructor or advisor will need to fill the Faculty Referral Form for the student.

A session typically lasts between 30-45 minutes, but there are times when shorter or longer sessions are arranged depending on the nature of the concern.

At times a single consultation session is enough as all the student needs is a listening ear.

Most people are seen for a short period, while others are helped in 6-14 sessions. However, there

is no limit to the number of sessions.

If it is required, referrals may be made by the Counselor to a variety of psychological or psychiatric services in the community. In such a situation, the Counselor will discuss this with you before making any referral.

Along with individual counseling, the UCC will also focus on group counseling both with short and long term counseling groups. Moreover workshops will also be arranged for Formanites on issues like anger management, conflict with others, assertiveness, coping with exams, coping with stress and grief, etc.