The Department of Religious Studies is part of the Faculty of Humanities and offers two degrees: BA (Hons) Islamic Studies and BA (Hons) Christian Studies. The lower division courses for each concentration are designed to provide students with the fundamental understanding of respective major, while the upper division courses provide them with depth and breadth of knowledge.

BA (Hons) Islamic Studies

This program is designed to explain fundamental concepts and intellectual basis of various branches of Islamic Studies and to diagnose and solve everyday problems in the light of Islamic teachings, principles and values.

BA (Hons) Christian Studies

The main objective of this program is to skillfully use biblical study methods to interpret what effect the original writers intended to have on their readers. It helps students to formulate a personal career plan which exhibits the values taught and exemplified by Jesus Christ and which contributes to the betterment of Pakistan and especially the Christian community.

Roadmap for Baccalaureate (Hons) in Religious Studies