Department of Geography has the distinction of pioneering the subject in this part of the sub-continent, with glorious traditions going back to 1924. Its mission is to groom students as contributors to humanity and as inspiring leaders in the nation-building process. It focuses on the student’s intellectual ability to take on difficult challenges of today and the future.

BA/BS (Hons) Geography

This degree program enables students to analyze and synthesize the knowledge of different concepts and processes of physical, human and regional geography; demonstrate competency in the use of fundamental geographic tools/techniques for data collection, display and analysis; be productive individuals in the service of humanity and develop themselves into inspiring leaders in the progress and uplift of the country.

The program is designed with independent research projects with competence to build a spatiotemporal profile of the phenomena under investigation that helps in reaching recommendations for further development. The degree employs knowledge and skills that help in an advanced study in the discipline for job placement

Roadmap for BA/BS (Hons) Geography