The Baccalaureate in Environmental Sciences is a rigorous program designed to enable students with an ability to understand the linkages between various bio-physical and socio-economic components of the environment.

BS (Hons) Environmental Sciences

The BS (Hons) in Environmental Sciences opens opportunities for careers in the public sector including Regional and National government agencies, Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Natural Resources, Fish & Wildlife Services, National Park Service, National Forest Service, and Food Safety. In private sector, environmental science graduates have the opportunity to work in Environmental NGOs, Industry, Research and Development Organizations, Environmental Consultancy, Environmental Journalism, Education and Social Development.

The available laboratories are equipped with high-tech equipment to provide the students with research facilities. The major areas of research proposed include soil and water resource management, solid waste management and treatment, toxicology, water supply and sanitation, biodiversity conservation, pollution control, GIS applications and modeling. The broad spectrum of the Program thus provides its students a great flexibility in choosing the research area of their interest.

Roadmap for BS (Hons) Environmental Sciences