The BS (Hons) degrees follow a liberal arts education framework. This provides each student an opportunity to explore the breadth of knowledge in the field of education. Students take courses in varied disciplines to fulfill the general education requirements and be better prepared to join the mainstream profession.

BS (Hons) Education

Graduates are well prepared to be in a real classroom and impact young lives as they teach. A unique feature of this program is a full semester of teaching practice during the final year. It provides the student-teacher with a real-world classroom experience. The student-teacher works in close association with a cooperating teacher at the school and the advisor from FCCU. It helps the prospective teacher visualize his/her career. Our education graduates make a difference: they teach!
Our graduates have the ability to explain and critique the teacher’s role in the progress of a nation; develop and use appropriate teaching approaches, strategies, and skills depending on grade level and content area; cater to the learning needs of all students in mixed-ability classrooms; interact ethically with students, parents, administrators, colleagues, and the wider community; practice core values in varied academic and other situations and evaluate education literature in order to explore opportunities in the field: teaching, research, counseling, administration.

Roadmap for BS (Hons) Education