Baccalaureate (Hons) in Computer Sciences (BCS)

The 4-year BCS degree program at Forman Christian College (A Chartered University) provides a solid understanding of the theory and techniques of Computer Science so that upon graduation the students can enter various industries or pursue graduate studies. The curriculum offers a holistic view of the discipline. It emphasizes both the state-of-the-art and the essential skills of modeling, abstraction and problem-solving, which opens up a wide range of industries to the students. Our courses are a mix from various areas that reflect the excitement and joy of computing, e.g. physics, mathematics, electronics, artificial intelligence, game development, software engineering, networks, operating systems, databases, computer vision, human-computer interaction.

This degree is accredited by the National Computing Education Accreditation Council (NCEAC), which is the authority representing the Higher Education Commission (HEC).

Our graduates have:

  • A broad understanding of the concepts and techniques of Computer Science
  • Sufficient depth to succeed in the industry and to undertake higher studies in Computer Science
  • Communication skills to communicate effectively about computing
  • Strong core values that they display on moral, ethical, legal and professional issues
  • A solid grounding in the basic principles of the discipline to make possible lifelong self-directed learning to update their knowledge in the fast-changing field of Computer Science

Roadmap for Baccalaureate (Hons) in Computer Sciences (BCS)