Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a parking sticker for my motorcycle or car?
The Chief Proctor’s Office in Susheela Building (P-Block), Room 15.

My contact information has changed. How do I let the college know?
Please go to the academic office in Ahmad Saeed Building room 002 and fill out a Change of Address form.

Do I really have to attend classes?
Yes. There is a great deal of evidence to show that students who attend classes regularly are more successful academically.

How do I apply for financial assistance?
Check the Financial Assistance link on this website (Enter link for Financial Aid) or visit the the Director of Financial Assistance in Ahmad Saeed Building, Room 006.

Can I pay my fee in instalments?
See the Chief Fiscal Officer or Chief Accountant in Ahmed Saeed Administration Building, Room 037.

Is my scholarship or financial assistance affected by my attendance and my exam results?
YES!! If you do not attend classes and keep your marks up, you may lose your financial assistance or scholarship.

What attendance percentage do I need to maintain in order to keep my financial assistance?
For Intermediate Students, it should stay above 75%.

Where and when do I get my roll number for the Board exams?
The academic office in Ahmad Saeed Building, Room 002, will post notices with the dates and procedures for roll numbers as soon as the Lahore Board gives them the information.

I know someone who wants to come to FCC next year. Where can they find out about admissions?
Check the Admissions link or visit the Admissions Office in Ahmad Saeed Building, Rooms 004 & 005.

I have a family member or friend of the family who is a Formanite but they do not receive information about alumni events.
The Office of Alumni Relations and College Advancement in Ahmad Saeed Building Room 137 would be delighted to register all of our alumni. Please ask any Formanite you know to call or come by the office to do that. Registration forms can also be downloaded from (Enter link for Alumni Registration Form pdf).

I need a character certificate/proof of attendance/transcript or list of courses taken.
The Academic Office in Ahmad Saeed Building Room 002 can help you with all of these.

How do I get involved in one of the sports teams on campus?
The Sports Office is located in Lucas Centre next to the canteen.

How do I get involved in one of the societies on campus?
Check out the list of societies in this website or in your handbook and contact the concerned advisor.

Where can I attend Friday (Juma) Prayers?
There are mosques located in the residential areas behind the West Hall hostel and the Velte Hall hostel. Friday (Juma) Prayers are offered in the mosque near Velte Hall. For Juma timings please click here.

When can I attend chapel?
A Chapel service is held each Friday in the chapel next to the library during the break. For timings please click here.

Are there Bible Studies available?
Yes. See the Chaplain for days and times. His office is located in the building behind the Chapel (ICF Building).

Where do I go for information about transferring to or from another college in Pakistan?
The Academic Office in Ahmad Saeed Building, Room 002, can help.

Can I get information about colleges and universities overseas?
Yes, in the Office of Career Services in Ahmad Saeed Building, Room 014.