FAQs about the Financial Assistance Program

Does FCC offer any financial aid/scholarships?
Yes, FCC offers financial aid to all deserving and academically eligible students.

Is there any Merit Scholarship for the Intermediate Program?  
FCC offers full (100%) tuition fee scholarship to the top three (3) position holders in any of the BISE seeking admission in FCC’s Intermediate program. Applicants are required to pay admission and security dues. A limited number of Merit Scholarships, covering 75% of tuition fees, are awarded to students achieved high score in Matriculation exams.

Is there any Merit Scholarship for the Baccalaureate Program?
Baccalaureate Merit Scholarships are awarded on the basis of applicants’ FCC T-Scores and covers a waiver of 75% of the tuition fee of the respective program. The T-Score is an aggregate of past academic performance and the Forman Entry Admission Test (FEAT Accuplacer). Merit scholarships are awarded to applicants who secure a minimum benchmarked T-Score as determined by the Admissions Committee.

Is there any Scholarship for the Postgraduate Program?
Yes, the following types of scholarships are available for our postgraduate programs.

  • University Scholarships:
    • Merit Scholarship i.e. 75% tuition fee waiver
    • Teacher Assistantships
  • External Scholarship
    • Punjab Educational Endowment Fund i.e. full fee scholarships plus a stipend

Who can apply for financial aid?
Every applicant who is applying for admission in any program at FCC may apply for Financial Aid. FCC does not discriminate on the basis of religion, ethnicity, or caste. We encourage students with genuine need to apply.

When can students apply for financial aid?
Provisionally admitted students can apply for financial aid at the time of admission while filling out the online admission application. Candidates, who apply for admission following the announcement of board results, can apply for Financial Aid on starting their classes. Continuing students may apply as the dates are announced by the Financial Aid Office.

What are the criteria of awarding financial assistance?
The Financial Aid Committee assesses the financial need of candidates and determines whether or not the candidate’s family has adequate resources to support the fee at FCC. The need is determined on the basis of the financial credentials submitted by the student.

Is there any Financial Aid for hostel dues, Mess Charges, books, etc?
The financial aid award accommodates the tuition fee and may be considered for hostel charges as well.

Is it mandatory to submit Financial Aid Form online and in hard copy?
Yes, it is mandatory for all applicants to submit the Financial Aid Form online as well as a print out of the same at window #15, Ahmed Saeed Administration Building.

How many times can a student apply for financial Aid?  

  • Intermediate students can apply once a year for two consecutive years.
  • IEAP students are eligible only for one academic year (this counts towards 2 semesters).
  • Baccalaureate students can apply once a year for four consecutive years.

What is meant by physical verification?

The Office of Financial Aid carries the discretion to physically verify the facts provided through credentials by the student applying for financial aid at any point of time during their tenure at FCC. It may include a visit to the student’s house/ business or inquiry from neighbors.

How are students informed about their Financial Aid status?
Students are informed through official emails, SMS sent on the contacts provided, as well on their web portals.

Does FCC offer scholarships other than financial aid?
Yes, FCC encourages its students to apply for all government and non-government scholarships and loan schemes. We also offer Work Study Program to Baccalaureate Junior and Senior Students in which students work part time in FCC and receive stipends to support their education.

Does everyone who applies for financial Aid receive it?
Need-based financial Aid is given to deserving students who have truthfully completed their Financial Aid Form and have provided all the required documents that prove their genuine need and eligibility for financial aid.

Is there any penalty for providing fake/ incorrect information in the Financial Aid Form? 
Yes, students face a fine of Rs 10, 000, permanent rejection and reversal of all previously awarded financial aid in case of providing fake/incorrect information.

Can I apply for the financial aid during the semester/year?
If the financial situation of the student’s family changes drastically due to unforeseen circumstances e.g. natural disasters like flood, death, layoffs from job etc, the student must submit an application with proof of incident at the Financial Aid Information Window to apply for financial aid.

Can a student appeal for rechecking the financial aid decision?
Yes, the Financial Aid Office accepts requests from students who have additional information to declare, which may have been missed during the initial assessment.