FAQs about the Financial Assistance Program

Does FCC offer any financial Assistance/scholarships?
FCC offers financial Assistance to all deserving and academically eligible students.

Does FCC offer full fee scholarships?
FCC offers full fee and 75% tuition fee merit scholarships. (Limited seats available)

Who can apply for financial Assistance?
FCC does not discriminate on the basis of religion, ethnicity or caste. We encourage students with genuine need to apply.

Is it mandatory to submit Online Financial Assistance Form?
Yes, it is mandatory for all applicants to submit Online Financial Assistance Form.

Will I have to submit hard copy after online submission of financial assistance form?
Yes, you will have to submit a hard copy of this form after its online submission along with all required documents.

Is there any Financial Assistance for hostel dues, Mess Charges, books, etc?
The financial Assistance award affects the tuition fee and may be considered for hostel charges.

When should FCC students apply for need-based financial Assistance?
Continuing Students must apply for need-based financial Assistance in March for the following academic year as per deadlines announced by Financial Assistance Department. Newly admitted students can apply when their classes begin.

How many times can a student apply for financial Assistance?

  • Intermediate students can apply once a year for two consecutive years.
  • Baccalaureate students can apply once a year for four consecutive years.
  • MS/ MPhil / MBA students can apply once a year for one/two consecutive years.

How will I know that I have been awarded financial Assistance?
Students are informed by the SMS, Emails and Web Portals.

Does FCC offer scholarships other than financial Assistance?
Yes, FCC encourages its students to apply for all government and non-governmental scholarships and loan schemes.

Does everyone who applies for financial Assistance receive it?
Need-based financial Assistance is given to deserving students who have truthfully completed their financial Assistance form and proved their genuine need/ academic eligibility for assistance.

Is there any penalty for providing fake/ incorrect information in the financial Assistance form? 
Yes, there is a penalty of permanent rejection and fine of Rs.10, 000  is imposed. It also causes reversal of all previously given financial assistance.