Financial Assistance

Forman Christian College (A Chartered University) believes that deserving, qualified students should not give up their dreams of education because of financial needs. The College, therefore, dedicates a significant portion of its budget each year to providing Need-Based financial assistance to its needy and academically eligible students. Admitted candidates may apply online for financial assistance and by providing the required documents to financial assistance office. This form should be submitted at Financial Assistance Office. The Financial Assistance Office awards financial assistance to deserving and academically eligible students.

Financial Assistance is given to deserving students who show promise of achieving good scores in their academic studies. Forman Christian College awards financial assistance to recipients on a non-discriminatory, equal opportunity basis.

Types of financial assistances available for each program are:

  1. Provisional Need + Merit-based Financial Aid
  2. Need + Merit Based Financial Aid
  3. Work Study Program
  4. Merit Scholarships
  5. FAQs about Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance Processing Charges:

Category Fee (PKR)
Financial Assistance Application 500
Late Application 1000
Rechecking 500
Award Letter/ Certificate 500







Financial Assistance Form Rechecking

Financial Assistance Applications are either accepted or rejected after the evaluation of financial assistance form by the financial assistance department. If anyone wants to get the form rechecked by financial assistance department then the prescribed processing fee of rechecking will be charged. Following will be procedure for rechecking of financial assistance application:

  • The Prescribed Processing Fee (Rs 500/-) must be deposited in FCC Nominated Bank Branch.
  • The submission of Processing Fee Receipt (Office Copy) and written request for rechecking along with any other additional information or documents must be filed in Financial Assistance Department.
  • The department of financial assistance will recheck the form to see if anything has been overlooked and inform the reasons of denied application to student. The results along with any reason for rejection will be communicated.

Note: Rechecking dates will be open for 7 working days after the display of recently processed Financial Assistance List. Late applications for rechecking will not be entertained.



Award Letters or Certificates

Online Financial Assistance Award Letters are available to students on their Web Portal.

Students who require an Award Letter/ Certificate on a letter head must follow the below mentioned procedure.

Step I: Deposit Financial Assistance Processing Fee of Rs. 500/- in FCC nominated bank.

Step II: Drop the issuing office copy along with the request form of issuing an award letter at Room No. 14 window, Ahmed Saeed, AdministrationBuilding.

Click here to find the Financial Assistance Office Certificate Request Form


For more information, contact the Financial Assistance office:
Room Numbers 14, 15, 16
Ahmad Saeed Administration Building
Phone: 042-99231581-8 Ext: 357/331