Executive Education in Business

The Executive Education Center at the School of Management offers short-term (4-5 days) and long-term programs for executives in both open and company-specific programs. These programs combine the latest concepts and ideas in management with relevance to job and industry. We pride ourselves on our strong combination of theory and practice largely due to the experience of the faculty members and their expertise at designing programs. Our programs are offered in a customized facility. This leads to very flexible and innovative learning methodologies.

The latest venture of the Center is a Diploma in Business Management (DBM) for Engro Foods. This is intended for middle-level managers and designed to provide technical, managerial and soft skills to permit these managers to improve performance and develop the necessary critical thinking and analytical skills which will prepare them to accept increasing amounts of responsibility in the future. The teaching methodology includes lectures, simulations, group exercises and cases. Relevant industry material as well as material obtained from Engro is used extensively to enrich the overall learning experience.


The Executive Education Center also offer a modular Executive MBA program. Details about this program can be found at this link:  Executive MBA


For further information, contact bdo@fccollege.edu.pk