This Office deals with tuition, its billing and collections, maintaining students’ financial accounts, payments, and refunds.

Andrew John (ACA)

Chief Financial Officer and Adjunct Faculty

Chartered Accountant (Associate of Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan)
Qualified Person Responsible for Training (Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales)
Attended International trainings on Budgeting and Finance in USA​
Ext: 211

Muhammad Ahmad Awan

Manager Accounts and Finance

Ext: 212

Samson Lawrence

Executive Assistant to Chief Financial Officer

Ext: 211

Waqas Mehmood

Assistant Manager Finance

Ext: 244

Armghan Shakir

Assistant Manager Receivables

Ext: 217

Daud John

Assistant Manager Payable & Tax

Ext: 215

Naeem Gulzar

Receivable Executive

Ext: 218

Nisar Hayat Khan

Senior Receivable Executive

Ext. 347

Simon Sabir

Finance Executive

Ext: 244

Rashid Yousaf

Receivable Executive

Ext: 217

Farhaan Ali

Senior Payable Executive

Ext: 214

Shahzad Perviaz

Payable Executive/Cashier

Ext: 219

Habal Felix

Finance Executive

Ext: 244

Waqas Anjum

Assistant Manager Reporting

Ext: 342

Hizqeel Emmanuel

Finance Executive

Ext: 244

Samuel Imran

Reporting Executive

Ext: 216

Mona Younis

Student Dealing Executive

Ext: 220

Attia Munir Khokhar

Student Dealing Executive

Ext: 220