Standards of Behavior

Upon admission to Forman Christian College, all students are asked to sign the Shared Commitment Statement and adhere to the Core Values. These standards of behaviour are expected of Formanites at all times, both on and off campus, and with all people regardless of their job title or position as employees or students. The University reserves the right to discipline students behaving in ways that violate college policy or standards of behaviour and to suspend or expel students who continue to do so.

There are many staff members working to make the environment of FCC clean, safe and secure. It is expected that all these people will be treated with respect at all times. They are vital to the functioning of the college and should be treated in ways that demonstrate our appreciation of what they do. This includes the gardeners, sweepers, security guards, lab attendants and anyone else working on this campus.


Admission Declaration (Intermediate)

Before admission every student and his parent/guardian are required to sign the following declaration:

“I do hereby declare that I am applying for admission to Forman Christian College with the express approval of my parent /guardian and I accept as binding on me all rules and regulations in force in the college at the time of my admission and subsequently as long as I continue to be a student of this college. I accept the discipline of the college as exercised through its teachers and administrative officers, the rules made by the Principal, the College Council or the Board of Governors and I also understand that the Principal has the power of detaining any student either before or at the time of the Board Examination if, with reference to that student, the College or Board requirements are not fulfilled.

I declare that all the information given in my application is true and that my parents/guardian have read through the contents of this declaration and in testimony thereof they have affixed their signatures also which are genuine. I also understand that false statements or signatures on this declaration will constitute reason for automatic rejection of my application form or admission as the case may be.”