Mobile Phone Use

Camera phones are not to be used to take pictures of anyone on campus without their knowledge and permission. Posting of pictures on the Internet without the consent of EVERYONE in the picture is a serious offence and will be dealt with severely. Students caught taking these pictures will have their phones confiscated and their parents called. If this behaviour falls into the category of harassment, students will be dealt with accordingly.

Students are not allowed to use mobile phones inside the classrooms at any time. They are asked to be courteous if using the phone inside the academic blocks so as not to disrupt classes being held. Phones should be switched off during class. Students using phones during class for calls, texting or disrupting class in any way will be warned and then fined. Repeat offenders may have their mobile phone confiscated.

Mobile phones will not be allowed into an examination room for any reason. The instructor may collect the phones and contact parents to collect them if they are found in the room.