Identification Cards

Identification cards are issued to all students of Forman Christian College. All students must have their ID cards displayed while they are on campus. They should be worn around their neck or pinned or clipped visibly on their clothing. Failure to have an ID card may result in penalty. Students will not be able to enter class without an ID card. If the card is lost, a fine of Rs. 150 will be charged on the issuance of the first duplicate card and Rs. 300 on the second issue. Loss of card must be reported immediately to the Chief Proctor.

The procedure for distribution of ID cards is as follows:

  • A form is handed to students upon enrolment. The form must be filled and then a photo will be taken.
  • Student ID cards will be distributed in classes. If a student is absent the day the cards are distributed, he or she may collect the card from the Proctorial Office during posted office hours.

If an ID card is lost, it is the student’s responsibility to have it replaced. The student will fill in the appropriate form and pay a fine. After this, a temporary ID will be issued and the student will be given a date on which he or she can return to collect the replacement card.

Students should not be asked to give their ID cards up as a part of a disciplinary action except in the case of suspension or dismissal from the college. If that is the case, the Proctorial Board or the Chief Proctor may take the ID card from the student.