College (Intermediate) Attendance Policies

This policy applies only to the intermediate program. Students will receive and sign for a copy of the attendance policy in their compulsory classes prior to the end of the first week of college. All intermediate students, regardless of attendance, will take the December send-up exams.

Attendance requirements

  • According to the policy of the Lahore Board, students are required to have attended a minimum of 75% of their classes in each subject.
  • Attendance in all subjects in the intermediate program will be included in this policy. This includes Pakistan Studies and Islamic Studies.
  • The attendance for theory and practical classes in the science subjects will be separate.
  • Students missing five consecutive class days will be dropped from the college rolls unless leave has been approved.

Co-curricular activities

  • Students will not be allowed to participate in co-curricular activities if they have been dropped from the college rolls. This includes all activities organized by the college whether they are one-time events or regularly scheduled events.
  • All society presidents will be asked to turn in a list of students participating in teams or societies.
  • A list of students dropped from the college rolls will be sent to each society president.
  • It will be the responsibility of the advisor or president of each society to ensure that dropped students do not participate.
  • If a student is readmitted to the college, the pass used to re-enter classes may also be used to re-enter the society or team.

Attendance shortage

  • After the first month of college, students missing three (3) or more classes in any subject will have their roll number posted and a warning letter sent to their parents.
  • Any student with 0% attendance in all classes will be dropped from the rolls of the college and a letter will be sent home to that effect.
  • After the first month, at the end of each month, attendance in each subject will be calculated. At this point, any student who has missed 3 or more classes in any subject will be dropped from the college rolls.
  • Short attendance DOES impact scholarships and financial assistance. Refer to the scholarship policy for information regarding this.

WARNING: Students who fail to maintain 75% attendance in all classes and/or score less than an E average in the send-up examinations will not have their examination forms sent to the Lahore Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education.

Readmission Procedures

  • Students can only be readmitted once for attendance reasons. Any student dropped for the second time will not be eligible to apply for readmission.
  • The procedure for students seeking readmission is as follows:
    • The student applies to the Assistant Vice Rector for a readmission form. This form will include information on attendance percentages from the Academic Office.
    • The student takes the form to the Vice Rector for a readmission interview.
    • If the Vice Rector approves the readmission, the student takes the form to the Accounts Office and pays the readmission fee.
    • Once the Accounts Office has signed the form, the student will bring a copy of the completed form back to the Academic Office where he/she will receive a pass for readmission to classes.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to have the form completed and returned to the Academic Office.
  • The pass will readmit the student to classes as well as co-curricular activities.


  • Leave DOES NOT count toward attendance. Even approved leave will count as an absence from class. Students are still responsible for maintaining 75% attendance in each subject.
  • Due to the fact that leave does not change the attendance percentage, it may only be requested in cases when students will be absent for 3 or more consecutive days. This is to prevent the student from being dropped from the college rolls immediately.
  • The president of any co-curricular activity that require students to miss class, must submit a form to the Vice Rector for approval PRIOR to the classes being missed. This must include the roll numbers of the students involved and the date and time of the activity. Students will be marked absent in class. The Academic Office will keep a record of the co-curricular absences. They will still count as absences but students may be allowed an extra attendance period to make up their attendance percentage at the discretion of the Vice Rector if needed.
  • Students will not be dropped if the days of approved leave would keep them above 75% in each attendance period. The percentage must be made up prior to the end of the next attendance period or the student will be dropped. Exceptions to this are made at the discretion of the Vice Rector.
  • A written application for leave must be turned in to the Assistant Vice Rector. The form is available in the Academic Office. Documentation of the reason for absence will be required.
  • Students who will be out of college for three consecutive class days or more must apply for leave in advance. Leave up to three days will be approved by the Assistant Vice Rector and beyond by the Vice Rector. In case of an emergency or illness, students must submit a written application along with the required documentation to the Academic Office on the first day the student returns to college.