MBA Program

This is a two-year program with a general management focus. The program aims to develop high quality professionals who will be agents of change through a combination of their creativity, initiative, competence and interpersonal skills. The entire learning experience is highly interactive and offers the best mix of cases, simulations and interactive lectures to ensure that students gain both from theory and best practices of business.

It aims to develop the functional competence any contemporary manager is expected to have in today’s increasingly complex business environment. There is a strong emphasis on understanding and managing modern enterprise within the complex context of Pakistan.

The program faculty is noted for its ability to blend theory and practice in the classroom, making the learning experience far more enriching. This comes from their experience in consulting, researching, case-writing, and working with the boards of various companies in the country

The first year of the MBA program focuses on developing basic skills and techniques as well as encouraging analytical and communicative abilities. The second year encourages a more strategic and cross-functional approach through a compulsory 6 week internship and a greater focus on case based class discussion.

MBA students must have a CGPA of 2.50 to graduate. The top three students are awarded medals by Engro Foods Limited.