BS (Hons) Business Program

This 4-year degree program was launched in 2005. It is highly competitive and only the best candidates are admitted. The program aims to create exceptional young managers for major local and foreign organizations on the Management Trainee track. It combines technical rigor and a solid general education. Thus, it provides a holistic education where a strong business orientation is complemented by an appreciation of the arts and humanities, social sciences, and physical sciences. Students majoring in Business take 64 credit hours in their major as well as 51 in general education and 15 as free electives. They can choose from 3 specializations: Accounting and Finance, Operations Management and Marketing & Sales. Most business students take additional business courses as free electives.

The common courses in the first two years develop technical and thinking skills and provide the tools to engage in higher level learning later in the program.

Common Courses Year 1

Fall Semester

BUSN 101              Principles of Accounting
BUSN 170              Principles of Management

Spring Semester

BUSN 121              Microeconomics
BUSN 160              Management Communications

Common Courses Year 2

Fall Semester

BUSN 201              Intermediate Accounting I
BUSN 206              Management Accounting and Control
BUSN 280              Marketing & Selling Skills

Spring Semester
BUSN 225              Economic Applications for Business
BUSN 230              Entrepreneurship
BUSN 250              Individual & Group Dynamics

In the third and fourth years, students continue with both common courses, including Finance, Operations Management, Business Law, Business History and Strategy, as well as specializations. There is a mandatory internship in the summer semester between the third and the fourth year of the program.

Common Courses Year 3

Fall Semester

BUSN 321              Financial Management I
BUSN 360              Operations Management I

Spring Semester

BUSN 370              Management Information Systems

Summer Semester

BUSN 390              Summer Internship

Common Courses Year 4

Fall Semester

BUSN 460              Business Law

Spring Semester

BUSN 490              Analysis of Institutions
BUSN 498              Business Strategy