Copy Centre

These policies apply to all photocopy machines on campus as well as the “copy printer” used for large batch reproductions. Specific policies applicable to individual machines are posted near that photocopy machine.

Where should you go to have copies made?

The copy centre in the Library is intended for student use. If that copy centre is not open, students may use the centre in the Ahmed Saeed Administration Building, Room 032. Students pay for copies requested at the time the request is made. Cash is not accepted for copies. Students must purchase tokens from the Information Desk in the Ahmad Saeed Administration Building.

What can be copied?

Class materials, handouts, class notes, and excerpts from articles or books when properly credited (write the author’s name, title of the text and the year published on the first page). Other materials and supporting documents of direct relevance to college business can be copied.

What cannot be copied?

Books or several chapters of a book cannot be copied. Any copyrighted material not subject to the Fair Use Doctrine (posted in the copy centre) can also not be copied.

What does it cost?

Rs. 2 per page.

How do I place my order for copies?

Each copy centre has a form for you to use. On the form, indicate the pages you want copied (if copying an excerpt from a book) or the number of originals. Indicate how many copies of each page you want made and total your form. You will need to be prepared to pay the amount due at the time you place the order.

What time is the copy centre open?

Hours are posted outside the door of each copy centre. In general, the Copy Centre is open during college business hours (8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday) though there may be changes to the schedule during summer holidays or peak periods.