Advanced Diploma in English Language Teaching (ADELT)

Forman Christian College started its postgraduate Advanced Diploma in English Language Teaching in 2008. The program is for in-service and aspiring teachers of English, who want formal training in English language teaching.

Classes are conducted from 2:30 pm to 5:30 pm four days a week. The program lasts for one year and comprises two semesters followed by one month of microteaching practice.



  • Caters to the needs of English teachers and provides a theoretical basis for learners to suggest innovative solutions to problems faced by them at various levels.
  • Enhances the learners’ level of competence and performance in the use of English language by providing an understanding of the intellectual processes that take place in the functioning of English language.
  • Provides prospective and practicing teachers with a repertoire of skills and techniques used in the English classroom
  • Develops the learners’ analytical powers to enable them to critically assess ELT problems in Pakistan and to attempt to provide solutions.
  • Enables teachers to evolve a personal philosophy of language learning and teaching.

HEC Fellowships

The HEC provides fellowships for ADELT covering 100% of the tuition fees. For the year 2012-2013 the HEC has confirmed 20 fellowships. These are available only for teachers working in government colleges and universities.

Program Structure

The ADELT program has a one-year (2-semester) duration. The curriculum includes a total of 8 courses and a microteaching experience.


Pre-Sessional Skills Training

Semester I: October to January (16 Weeks)

Core Courses:

DELT 701: Methods and Techniques of Teaching EFL

DELT 702: Phonology and Phonetics: Teaching the Sounds of English

DELT 703: Teaching Language Skills

Optional Course (select one):

DELT 707: Teaching Grammar

DELT 708: Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL)

Semester II: February to May (16 Weeks)

Core Courses:

DELT 704: Psycholinguistics and Sociolinguistics

DELT 705: Syllabus Design and Material Evaluation

DELT 706: Assessment and Error Analysis

Optional Course (select one):

DELT 709: Semantics and Pragmatics

DELT 710: Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL)


DELT 711: Microteaching

Admission requirements