MPhil Chemistry Program Structure

The MPhil program in Chemistry at FCCU is designed to provide education for students who: (a) plan to pursue higher education in Pakistan or elsewhere, (b) pursue a career as a teacher, (c)  wish to be employed in R&D organizations,  (d) want to join industry, or (e) like to seek job in other institutions following graduation. It is a blend of both national and international criteria i.e. it follows the HEC requirements and meets the National Education Academic Standards USA. The program consists of course work, seminars and research work in a specialized area of chemistry.

Course Work:

In the first two semesters, the students take courses.  The department offers a range of courses out of which a student selects courses of his/her area of interest.

Semester 1 (Fall Semester):

  • 4 Courses selecting two from an area of specialization and two from any other area/s (total 12 credits)

Semester 2 (Spring Semester):

  • 3 Courses: one from the area of specialization and two from other areas (total 9 credits)
  • Mathematics for Chemists* (3 credits)

* Mandatory requirement for MPhil Chemistry degree

At the end of the second semester there will be a comprehensive examination based on the specialization courses studied in the two semesters. Every student enrolled in MPhil must pass this examination.

Research Work

Semesters 3 & 4:

On the successful completion of course work and comprehensive examination, a student will carry out research under the supervision of a teacher assigned by the department. He/she will have to give two seminars related to his/her research project as per the schedule given by the department:

  • 2 Seminars (each of 1 credit) related to the research project.
  • Research Thesis (14 credits) to be submitted as per the schedule given by the department. It will beevaluated by an External Examiner.
  • Based on the evaluation report by the eternal examiner, oral examination will be conducted.