MPhil Chemistry Program Specializations

The MPhil in Chemistry at FCC provides students with a unique opportunity to take basic chemistry courses of advanced level as well as courses related to different specialized fields of chemistry. The research areas include organic/inorganic synthesis, metal complexation, analysis of industrial waste and toxicology, determination of biological activities, isolation of natural products and their spectroscopic and pharmacological studies, nanochemistry, and others.

The MPhil course work consists of eight courses including one course of mathematics. In the first two semesters, the department offers a range of chemistry courses, out of which a student selects ideally three courses related to one area of specialization and remaining courses from other areas.

Admission tests are conducted in the following areas of specializations. A student is required to pass the admission test in any one of these areas:

  • Applied Chemistry
  • Inorganic/Analytical Chemistry
  • Organic/Biochemistry
  • Physical Chemistry