BS (Hons) Chemistry

The program facilitates the students to demonstrate their ability to analyze real world situations using academic knowledge and provides opportunity to excel both in the job market and future study.

Requirements for the Major

A total of 48 credit hours including

CHEM 250: Chemistry of Main Groups Elements (3+1 credits)
CHEM 261: Organic Chemistry 1 (3+1 credits)
CHEM 270: Thermodynamics and Equilibrium (3+1 credits)
CHEM 311: Fundamental Analytical Chemistry (3+1 credits)
CHEM 320: Industrial Chemistry (3+1 credits)
CHEM 330: Biochemistry (3+1 credits)
CHEM 350: Coordination Chemistry (3+1 credits)
CHEM 361: Organic Chemistry II (3+1 credits)
CHEM 370: Kinetics & Mechanism (3+1 Credits)

Requirements for the Minor

12 credit hours of mandatory courses and 8 credit hours of 300 and 400 level courses in consultation with the advisor.

Roadmap for students majoring in Chemistry

Courses offered

Admission requirements