Department of Urdu

The Department of Urdu is one of the oldest at Forman Christian College and has had renowned faculty such as Maulana Farzand Ali, Dr Agha Suhail and Prof Iqbal Ahmed Khan. Previous Department Heads have included Ahmed Aqeel Roobi, Dr Muzafar Abbas, Syed Safdar Ali Naqvi, Dr Hassan Rizvi, Dr Ali Zaheer Minhas and Dr Tariq Aziz.

The Urdu Department is serving the cause of literature in the best possible manner as both teachers and students take an active interest in the fields of research, creative writing and literary criticism. The Department has also produced some fine writers.

The Bazm-e-Fikr-o-Nazar is a student society which promotes Urdu literature and poetry.

The faculty of Urdu have their offices in the Sinclair Building.