Department of Statistics

The department of Statistics was introduced in 1970 under the umbrella of the Mathematics Department when Professor Mir Muhammad Yaqoob was the Chairperson. The Department started functioning independently in 1974 and Professor Muhammad Aslam was appointed as the Chairperson. Under his guidance the department continued to progress. In 2003 FCC was privatized and the department began to flourish under the Headship of Professor Muhammad Aslam. Since 2006  Professor Dr. Mujahid Rasool has taken charge of the department as Chairperson and under his guidance the department is on its way to progress with four PhD and five MPhil degree faculty at the University and College level.

The department aims to provide a core understanding of statistical concepts with their application to real world problems. Currently, the department offers a Major and Minor for the Baccalaureate students.

The Statistics Society provides students a platform to organize academic and co curricular activities at the department level.

The statistics faculty have their offices in the Armacost Building.