Department of Political Science

The Department of Political Science at Forman Christian University is one of the largest departments in Social Sciences. The number of students majoring in Political Science is highest among all Social Sciences faculties. The courses offered by the department are open to students majoring in Political Science as well as other disciplines. While studying for their degrees in Political Science, students are encouraged to take courses in the fields of International Relations, Politics of Pakistan and Political Philosophy. During their studies, students are encouraged to develop a critical understanding of various phenomena of national and international politics and their abilities to critically evaluate these concepts are nurtured through active classroom discussions.

The department’s teaching faculty had the distinction of having scholars of national and international prominence like Dr Carl W. Wheeless, Prof Mary Wheeless, Dr Kitchen, Dr Anwar M. Barkat, Dr Arshad Karim Syed, Dr Shokat Ali, Dr Hamid Kizilbash, Prof Naseem Zakariya, Dr Parveen Shaukat and Dr Shafqat Hussain Chaudhary.The quality of instructional work has indeed been of a high standard. Research work is encouraged. There is a dedicated faculty available to teach various papers and supervise research. The department arranges extensive lectures, seminars and study tours to facilitate academic and intellectual excellence and improvement of intellectual caliber of students. The old graduates of this department have contributed positively to national uplift and have excelled in numerous professions in Pakistan.

The department currently offers a Major and Minor in Political Science for Baccalaureate students.

The Political Science Society arranges lectures of political leaders to enhance student learning.

The Political Science faculty have their offices in the Armacost Building.