BS (Hons) Mathematics

The 4-year degree program in Mathematics at Forman Christian College was launched in 2005. Students majoring in Mathematics take 48 credit hours in their major as well as 51 in general education and 31 as free electives. Students majoring in Mathematics take courses as free electives from mathematics department or CROSS-LISTED courses with the other departments. A degree in mathematics develops clear logical thinking. The coursework looks at topics in mathematics: from pure mathematics to how mathematics is used in the real world. Cross listing of courses with the other departments further helps students to analyze Mathematics as a real world tool. Students obtain a secure understanding of mathematics with a good choice of topics in pure and applied mathematics at an advanced level.

Students after the completion of the degree will be able to understand the notion of mathematical approach and, depending on their choice of modules, they will have gained

  • A broad understanding of, and practice with, basic ideas of modern pure mathematics (including analysis, linear algebra, geometry, and group theory).
  • A broad understanding of, and practice in using, basic tools of applied mathematics (including differential equations, mechanics, graph theory and numerical analysis)
  • Appreciation of the role of rigorous proof in mathematics, and practice in constructing and recognizing such proofs.
  • Probability and Statistics by taking the cross-listed courses.
  • Experience of exploring new horizons by communicating mathematical
    arguments and conclusions with others.

Requirements for Major

A minimum of 48 hours. The core courses include

MATH 201: Calculus-II (3 credits)
MATH 202: Ordinary Differential Equations (3 credits)
MATH 203: Vector Analysis (3 credits)
MATH 209: Linear Algebra (3 credits)
MATH 301: Multivariable Calculus (3 credits)
MATH 302: Mechanics (4 credits)
MATH 307: Complex Analysis (4 credits)
MATH 309: Real Analysis (3 credits)
MATH 310/CSCS 310*: Numerical Analysis (3 credits)
MATH 311: Topology and Metric Spaces (3 credits)
MATH 313: Group Theory (3 credits)

and 13 credit hours of electives selected from

MATH 106/COMP 113*: Discrete Mathematics (3 credits)
MATH 304: Operations Research (3 credits)
MATH 308: Differential Geometry (3 credits)
MATH 312: Integral Equations (3 credits)
MATH 314/STAT 304*: Distribution Theory (3 credits)
MATH 315/STAT 311*: Mathematical Statistics (3 credits)
MATH 316/PHYS 341*: Methods of Mathematical Physics (3 credits)
MATH 401: Advanced Group Theory (4 credits)
MATH 402: Ring Theory (4 credits)
MATH 403/CSCS 403*: Graph Theory (4 credits)
MATH 404: Partial Differential Equations (4 credits)
MATH 406: Integration Theory (3 credits)
MATH 407: Functional Analysis (3 credits)
MATH 408/STAT 401*: Stochastic Processes (3 credits)
MATH 409: Continuum Mechanics (4 credits)
MATH 410/PHYS 461*: Quantum Mechanics I (3 credits)

Requirements for Minor

A minimum of 24 hours including

MATH 102: Calculus-I (3 credits)
MATH 103: Introductory Linear Algebra (3 credits)
MATH 201: Calculus-II (3 credits)
MATH 202: Ordinary Differential Equations (3 credits)

and four courses from the list of electives above.

Important Note:

Cross-Listed courses indicated with (*) have more than one designator (like MATH/STAT) and code (102/105). Math majors will have the facility to take cross-listed courses in their own or other departments and get them counted towards Mathematics but a student will get registered in cross-listed courses with ONE CODE ONLY i.e., credit will be given once with one code but not more than once (with different codes). MATH 105/STAT 102* will NOT be counted towards Math major but as a “Free Elective” and it is a prerequisite for other courses which will be counted towards the Math major i.e., MATH 314/STAT 304*, MATH 315/STAT 311* and MATH 408/STAT 401*. In addition the following will be counted towards Math major: MATH  106/COMP 113*, MATH 316/PHYS 341* and MATH 410/PHYS 461* but MATH 211/ CHEM 220* will also be counted.

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