Dr C M Hussain Medal in Mathematics

Dedicated to the father of Dr Wasiq Hussain (Chairperson of Mathematics and Dean of the Faculty of Information Technology). Dr C M Hussain was a renowned mathematician. This medal is awarded to the student securing the highest CGPA (at least 3.0) amongst the university candidates in the Department of Mathematics.

Dr Chaudhary Muhammad Hussain won British Council Scholarship and did a Ph.D. in Mathematics from Glasgow University, U K, in 1965. His research area was “Continuous Groups in Quantum Mechanics” and PhD Viva was taken by famous Nobel Prize holder Professor Dr Abdus Salam. Dr C M Hussain was one of the pioneers in establishing the Mathematics Department of Quaid-i-Azam University Islamabad. He taught Mathematics for more than 50 years, and his professional contributions in teaching and research are unforgettable. He supervised 38 MPhil students and was one of the authors of the classic book “Introduction to Mechanics” written in 1971 (edited by Q K Ghori) and published by West Pak Publishing Company.

Selection Criteria and Rules:

  • This medal will be given to a Baccalaureate Math Major ONLY with highest CGPA in the department provided he or she attains CGPA of at least 3.0. If two or more students in the Mathematics Department are getting the same HIGHEST CGPA then Medal will be given to EVERY student with HIGHEST CGPA.
  • The student must have completed the degree in at most 4 years OR in exceptional cases could be given to a student who did a double major degree (in 5 years or less) with one major as Mathematics.
  • Those students won’t be considered for the medal who failed in any course, improved CGPA by repeating the course/courses, or withdrawn the course/courses.
  • The medal will be awarded every year independent of the number of the math majors, subject to the person achieving minimum CGPA required.
  • Decision of the Medal deciding Committee will be final and won’t be negotiable.