Department of History

The Department of History is one of the oldest department in Forman Christian College, Lahore. It has produced many luminaries who have been associated with it as members of the learned faculty such as Professor Griswold, Professor Brush and Dr Z H Zaidi.

The department, through its courses aims to develop in the students an analytical, critical, scientific, argumentative and methodical  thinking for assessing the past occurrences in order to draw conclusions which helps to broaden their mental horizons, enrich their vision and enhance their knowledge.

The department currently offers a Major and Minor for Baccalaureate students.

The Griswold History Society is a platform for Formanites to organize various academic and co curricular activities pertaining to History as a subject and to disseminate information about the history of culture, religion, society and geography.

The faculty of History have their offices in the Armacost Building.

The History Department brings out a newsletter that details the events happening at the Department, its faculty and students. The newsletter can be found at this link: History Department newsletter