Department of Health and Physical Education

Sports are one of the important mediums through which the total development of the personality is possible. The Health and Physical Department at FCC is responsible for catering with this need of students, especially by focusing on the following areas, which in fact contribute and are indispensable for growth and strength of sports in the College:

  • Sports culture
  • FCC Sports Association activities and administration
  • Coaching
  • Officiating
  • Competition opportunities and organization
  • Facilities and equipment
  • Scientific and medical support

The College has a very comprehensive sports program. It has adequate sports facilities which include an eight lanes standard 400m grassy track and a short course 25m swimming pool, five Tennis courts and play grounds for Cricket, Football, Hockey and Handball. The Lucas center has a well-equipped Gymnasium, Table Tennis Hall, Basketball and Badminton courts and offices for sports faculty and staff.

Intramural competitions in the mentioned sports take place all the year round. Hostel accommodation is provided to students for outstanding performance, regularity in practice, fidelity and other noticeable services rendered to a sport. Deserving sportsmen are awarded Medals of Distinction, College Color and Certificates of Merit