BA (Hons) English

The degree helps in developing critical practices in reading and writing of English with the ability to appreciate the content and style of a variety of representative texts. It develops thorough understanding of the basic principles of oral and written communication with a skill to critically analyze various literary genres and to be able to distinguish between the contemporary literary theories and the conventional hermeneutic trends.

Requirements for Major

36 credits of major courses including

ENGL 201: Introduction to English Literature (3 credits) – prerequisite for all core courses

ENGL 301: The 19th Century English Novel (3 credits)
ENGL 303: Introduction to Linguistics (3 credits)
ENGL 307: Drama I (3 credits)
ENGL 401: Modern Drama (3 credits)
ENGL 404: English Poetry II (3 credits)

Requirements for Minor

Core course required for Minor in English is

ENGL 201: Introduction to English Literature (3 credits)

and five courses from the following

ENGL 104: History of Literature (3 credits)
ENGL 200: Reading Skills (3 credits)
ENGL 213: Sociolinguistics (3 credits)
ENGL 214: English Novel: (3 credits) A General Survey
ENGL 309: Modern Poetry (3 credits)
ENGL 310: Romantic Poetry (3 credits)
ENGL 311: Theory of Criticism (3 credits)

Courses offered

Admission requirements

Road map for students majoring in English