MS Applied Economics Specializations and Program Structure

MS Applied Economics Areas of Specialization

  • Development Economics
  • Environmental and Resource Economics
  • Applied Econometrics

MS Applied Economics Core Courses

  • ECON 501: Advanced Microeconomics (4 Credits)
  • ECON 502: Advanced Macroeconomics (4 Credits)
  • ECON 505: Applied Econometrics (4 Credits)
  • ECON 506: Issues inPakistanEconomy (3 Credits)
  • ECON 655: Applied Economics (3 Credits)

For MS Applied Economics, besides core courses students have to opt total five optional courses under track 01 while three optional courses and a research project/paper equivalent to two courses of six credit hours under track 02.

Note: About optional courses, Department of Economics decides each year subject to availability of faculty in that area. Please check the Department for available courses.

MS Applied Economics Degree Requirements

The following requirements must be fulfilled by all students in order to qualify for recommendation by the faculty for the award of MS Applied Economics degree.

  • The satisfactory completion of 33 credit hours with cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of 2.5 or better.
  • Students can repeat a course only if their grade is below C-. Students have only one chance to repeat/improve the grade of a course.
  • The student must be a full-time student during the course work.
  • The University grading system will apply to this program.
  • All other rules and regulations will apply as per Department and University policy.