MS Applied Economics

In line with market needs, Department of Economics is offering MS Applied Economics. This program is designed to develop economic reasoning and analytical skills among students through the provision of advanced knowledge in the field of economics. As a graduate of MS Applied Economics, you will have

  • advanced understanding about microeconomics, macroeconomics and applied econometrics
  • refined quantitative and applied research skills to analyze real world economic problems
  • the abilities to pursue doctoral program.
  • job opportunities in academic institutions, development agencies, financial and banking sector, Government departments, industries, NGOs, research organizations, etc.

MS Applied Economics is a one-year program following the completion of 16 years of education i.e. BS (Hons) or conventional MA/MSc Economics. This program is designed to help students to improve their qualification by investing in an additional year in education. MS Applied Economics has two tracks after the course work of two semesters. Under track 01, students have to opt two courses of six credit hours in summer semester for its completion while under track 02, students have to complete a research project/paper equivalent to six credit hours. In today’s competitive world, this program will significantly enhance your chances for employment.