Department of Economics

Since 1915, the Department of Economics at Forman Christian College has been offering undergraduate and graduate degree programs. The Department has evolved over time, bringing it up to par with contemporary needs. Currently there are over 400 Baccalaureate students majoring in Economics and it is rated as one of the most popular degree programs for students at FCC.

The Department continues to meet current challenges by updating and revising its curricula, introducing new programs and adding new scholars to teach contemporary courses. In line with market trends, an MPhil Applied Economics and MSc Economics are offered.

The Lucas Economics Society organizes seminars, social functions and lectures related to Economics as a subject and its application in the real world.

The Department is located in the purpose-built Elahi building within the FCC campus. It is fully equipped with all the major academic needs such as lecture halls, seminar rooms, classrooms, meeting rooms, workshop rooms, a computer lab and faculty offices.