BS (Hons) Computer Science

The 4-year Bachelor of Computer Science (Hons) degree program at Forman Christian College (A Chartered University) is accredited by NCEAC (HEC).  It is one of the most rigorous programs in the country, taught by one of the best faculties. If you are looking for an exciting, challenging and modern Computer Science undergraduate program taught in an enabling and dynamic environment by the best instructors, you need look no further than our department at FCC.

Our graduates have:

  • A broad understanding of the concepts and techniques of Computer Science
  • Sufficient depth to succeed in the industry and to undertake higher studies in Computer Science
  • Communication skills to communicate effectively about computing
  • Strong core values that they display on moral, ethical, legal and professional issues
  • A solid grounding in the basic principles of the discipline to make possible lifelong self-directed learning to update their knowledge in the fast-changing field of Computer Science

Requirements for Major

Our 4-year Bachelor of Computer Science (Hons) degree requires the completion of 132 credits in all as specified in the table below.

Core Courses

Supporting Courses

Computing Electives

General Education

University Electives


   58 credits      (19 courses)

         22 credits            (7 courses)

12 credits

47 credits

6 credits

132* credits


*Total is 132 credits (and not 145 credits) because General Education’s Science and Mathematics category’s requirement of 1 lab course (4 credits), 1 Mathematics course (3 credits), 1 Computer Science course (3 credits), and one course from any domain (3 credits) will be fulfilled from the Core, Supporting and Elective courses of Computer Science. This means 13 credits from these different streams of Computer Science will simultaneously satisfy General Education’s 13 credits. These credit hours will only be counted once.

Courses offered

Admission requirements