MPhil Biotechnology

FC College started the MPhil Biotechnology program in 2009 to keep up with the rapid advances in the life sciences and to prepare students for rewarding careers in the field of Biotechnology, whether in industry, academia or government.

The Biological Sciences Department is located in the new Armacost Science Building which has six dedicated research and six teaching laboratories as well as state-of the art equipment such as: PCR-thermal cycler, real-time PCR, microcentrifuges, electroporator, refrigerated table top centrifuge, ultra low freezer, nanodrop spectrophotometer, orbital shaker, infrared gas analyzer (IRGA), gas chromatogram, CO2 incubator, gel electrophoresis system, documentation system, biosafety cabinets etc.

We have a well-qualified and experienced faculty, who are involved in various research programs in which both graduate and undergraduate students are involved. Already among the premier academic institutions in the region, we are committed to making FCC one of the leading Biotechnology research institutions in the country.