Department of Biological Sciences

A successful institution is versatile and noteworthy in all its disciplines. It is equally equipped at conducting meaningful research as it is in imparting quality education. The Biological Sciences Department at FCC is a prime example of such attributes. It endeavors to uphold its reputation for being at the forefront of all the activities conducted at FCC. The Department of Biological Sciences is one of the leading departments at FCC as it boasts 19 PhDs in a faculty of 22. It dwells on a multi-prong approach that not only facilitates academia but also allows sufficient research opportunities. It has strived hard and continues to provide world class training to the students in both the classroom and the laboratory thus preparing them for the next stage of their careers. The department has a rich history strewn with dignified researchers and revered professors who have contributed significantly in making FCC such a renowned institute in Pakistan. The current faculty consists of celebrated teachers and eminent researchers including Dr M Rehan Siddiqui (President’s Award of Best Teacher), serving as Professor Emeritus and Dr Kauser Abdulla Malik an outstanding scientist, Founder Director General of NIBGE and a Distinguished National Professor.

Presently, the department offers B.Sc. (Hons) in Biological Sciences, Biotechnology, Environmental Sciences, and an interdisciplinary degree in Bioinformatics (in collaboration with the Computer Sciences Department). The department also in association with reputed research institutes in Pakistan offers post graduate degrees including M.Phil in Biotechnology, Food Security and Quality Management, and Molecular Pathology and Genomics. Additionally, the Biological Sciences Department has effectively initiated a Doctoral (PhD) program in Biotechnology owing to the plenteous research funds brought into the Department by the faculty.

To facilitate and promote extra-curricular activities; the Department has founded the Senior Biological Sciences Society. Under the flagship/umbrella of this Society, students are endorsed to participate in various non-scholastic activities throughout the year.

Our Department hosts a multifaceted group of faculty who are conducting research in the fields of agriculture biotechnology, bio-fertilizers, health, food microbiology, bioremediation and bioenergy to further aid in the development of their respective fields.