Rector’s Message

Welcome to Forman Christian College, a new venture in higher education in Pakistan!

Forman Christian College is

  • A Chartered University that offers an American-style four-year Bachelor’s Degree Program designed to meet world-class standards for accreditation.
  • A non-profit university in which every rupee of revenue is used to provide the best possible education for our students.
  • A College with a glorious history of over 140 years of quality education.
  • The alma mater of countless distinguished persons who have helped to improve the quality of life in Pakistan as leading government officials, business leaders, education professionals, doctors, attorneys, military leaders and community leaders who live by the College motto, “ By love, serve one another.”
  • A College in which an excellent faculty takes a personal interest in each student, and each student has a member of the faculty serve as his or her advisor.
  • A College in which each course in the curriculum has been newly designed to ensure that students are learning current knowledge in each discipline.
  • A community of concerned people who are trying to live by the Core Values of the College: integrity, commitment to excellence, respect for the rights and dignity of others, discipline, justice, and service.
  • A College located on a beautiful and safe campus of over 100 acres with adequate academic buildings, sports grounds, and a swimming pool.
  • A College with a rich tradition of co-curricular activities and sports.

We invite you to be part of all Forman has to offer in a challenging and caring community:

  • Opportunities for intellectual stimulation and active learning.
  • An environment conducive to personal growth.
  • A warm and friendly community.
  • An educational program that will prepare you well for your career and for your role as a citizen.

Dr James A Tebbe