Core Values

The faculty and staff of Forman Christian College seek to live by and to teach students the Core Values of the College. In a variety of different settings students are asked to learn and live by the following values:


I will speak the truth and keep my commitments. I will take my responsibilities seriously and fulfill them to the best of my ability.



I will be steadfast in my pursuit of excellence. I will set high standards in my intellectual life, personal behavior, and interpersonal relationships. I will honor the traditions of the college and preserve the beauty of the campus.


Respect for the dignity of each human being

I will treat others with respect, kindness, generosity of heart and compassion. I will accept and tolerate differences. I will handle disagreements with candor and civility.


Discipline and Accountability for my actions

I will uphold the policies of the college and follow the rules and regulations. I understand that behavior has consequences. This understanding is an essential component in the development of my self-discipline.


Fairness and Justice

I will be fair in all of my decisions and work toward justice for others.



I will live the motto, “By Love, Serve One Another” knowing that serving others is a way of life that will enrich the community and the nation in which I live.



I will take the concerns of others in the college community to heart. Because we are bound together by common purposes, objectives and values, the welfare of all will be my concern.